Our Process

Over the past 10 years, Intrapac Property (the developer of Lloyd Creek Rural Village) has completed detailed studies to support the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS). They have also undertaken extensive community consultation and prepared a draft rezoning application which was exhibited in 2016. 
On October 16, 2017 the Northern Territory’s Environment Protection Authority (EPA) issued the findings of the environmental assessment (EIA), which included recommendations to achieve environmental sustainability, and the protection of areas of biodiversity significance.

Following the EIA, Intrapac Property has undertaken further detailed environmental work, including water monitoring and vulnerable species assessment. The next stage will be a revised application that reflects community needs and aspirations for the rural area, delivering a new rural village, surrounded by a range of Rural Residential, Rural Living and Rural properties.

The project has completed a detailed EPA Environmental Impact Statement, with a clear recommendation that the project should proceed. Eleven recommendations were made which Intrapac Property has implemented into the overall design, with seven of the recommendations already incorporated.
The many years of detailed site investigations have been well-considered and will be implemented in an Area Plan which has been lodged for approval.

Once approved, the project will be built over a period of 30 years and provide up to 4200 rural and lifestyle lots, a new local town centre and associated services and infrastructure. 

To read the assessment report and associated information please see the NTEPA website. To view the rezoning application please see the DIPL website.

Recommendation 1

The Proponent shall ensure that the Lloyd Creek Rural Village proposal is implemented in accordance with all environmental commitments and safeguards:

  • Identified in the Environmental Impact Statement for the Lloyd Creek Rural Village (draft Environmental Impact Statement, Supplement and additional information)
  • Recommended in this Assessment Report 82.


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