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Lloyd Creek Rural Village heralds a new era of Top End living, challenging the traditional notions of rural life with a fresh perspective. Nestled in the Lloyd Creek region, southeast of Darwin, this development redefines rural living by combining the cherished aspects of tranquility and nature with unexpected amenities and infrastructure.

This pioneering project is set to offer a unique housing solution, addressing Australia's housing supply challenges. Unlike previous proposals, the developers have undertaken extensive community consultation, actively engaging with Territorians to understand their desires and concerns. This is not an urban, high-density subdivision; instead, it's a thoughtfully designed rural village in harmony with its environment.

Lloyd Creek Rural Village will offer more extensive blocks, with the potential for larger homes, gardens, pools, sheds, and recreational spaces. The lot sizes could extend up to 5 acres, averaging 1.5 lots per hectare. The heart of the village will be centered around a picturesque lake, with walking trails, parks, a playground, an activity center, and a café. Surrounding this central hub is 500 acres of untouched conservation area, preserving the natural environment.

The development prioritises sustainability, with homes designed to seamlessly integrate with the tropical surroundings and incorporate waste-water recycling capabilities. The village promises to maintain and enhance the rural charm of the area, creating a peaceful, spacious, and connected community.

Lloyd Creek will become a core part of a string of pearls. These pearls are the nuclei of growth in the Darwin region, where key services such as medical, education, recreation can be concentrated sustainably and maintain themselves.

The Lloyd Creek Rural Village project not only promises to redefine rural living but also brings substantial economic prosperity to the region. With an impressive estimated initial capital investment of $1,766 million, this endeavor is poised to create a ripple effect of financial growth. This infusion of capital paves the way for a remarkable total construction output of $3,554 million, encompassing both direct and indirect contributions. During the construction phase, it is set to provide employment for 280 FTE positions each year. Beyond construction, it will sustain 303 FTE jobs, fostering a dynamic and self-sustaining economy over the course of 30 years.

Environmental considerations have not been overlooked. The project has received approval from the Environment Protection Authority through an Environment Impact Assessment. An AAPA certificate confirms the absence of sacred sites, and a Services report demonstrates the feasibility of the infrastructure. All systems are go for a 2024 launch.

Lloyd Creek Rural Village truly offers the best of all worlds: a smart, sustainable, and safe rural community that is set to become the heart of the Territory.

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Harmony with Nature

There have been concerns about the impacts of development in the Lloyd Creek region. Lloyd Creek Rural Village has addressed these concerns, consulting with locals to design a Rural Village thatexists in harmony with the surrounding environment and neighbours.



It’s been said that Lloyd Creek isn’t close enough to urban centres and amenities. Lloyd Creek Rural Village willl be a low density cap development with its own activity centres to cater formany everyday needs of residents.


30 Years of Sustainable Growth

We’ve heard concerns about the lack of infrastructure at Lloyd Creek for a new community. Lloyd Creek Rural Village has a full infrastructure plan in place, ensuring sustainable growth, phased over 30 years.


Water Supply

People have asked about the water supply to Lloyd Creek, and the protection of the local aquifer. In fact, Lloyd Creek Rural Village willl be connected to the Strauss pipeline which runs nearby for asustainable supply of potable water.


Waste Water

Some people had questions around how Lloyd Creek would manage its wastewater. Every lot at Lloyd Creek Rural Village will have waste-water recycling capabilities, allowing water to bereticulated back for irregation


Community Research

We know the local community needs to be heard regarding any plans for Lloyd Creek. That’s why the new proposal for Lloyd Creek Rural Village has been prepared based on the findings fromcommunity research, undertaken by JWS.



The concerns around the infrastructure model at Lloyd Creek have been carefully considered. Lloyd Creek Rural Village has a comprehensive infrastructure plan in place covering roads, water, waste, power and telecommunications



The impact of stormwater at the Lloyd Creek development was a question often raised. The Lloyd Creek Rural Village plan will have fully compliant systems in line with Government agencies, as well as subdivision guidelines.


Rural Charm meets Modern Comfort

Located southeast of Darwin, Lloyd Creek Rural Village is redefining rural living in the Top End. A new rural living model that comes without the isolation you might expect, but with the amenities and community you might not. It’ll be the best of all worlds


A New Era

There’s a new era of Top End living on the horizon. It’s called Lloyd Creek Rural Village. Phased over some thirty years, it not only provides a model that doesn’t exist up here, but also an innovative solution to thehousing supply issues that Australia faces.


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